How to use the Moon and her phases to get what you want out of life!

January 11, 2018


You have probably gazed at the moon night after night in awe of her beauty, but have you ever thought about how the moon might be affecting you in your daily life?! Believe it or not, but you and the moon have been deeply connected since you arrived here on earth. Its amazing to become aware of the impact the stars and planets have on us! We'll start with La luna, The Moon.


The moon is responsible for our biorhythms, our emotions, our feminine cycles, the moon controls the tides of the ocean and since you are made of 75% water, its definitely affecting you! The moon, and the universe, only have your best interest at heart and we can use the moon as a cosmic timer to manifest dreams, attract a lover, give you the courage to move on from a loss, or get you that pay raise! The moon is here for you, you just have to tune in to activate her powers!


The moon and her phases each carry their own energies and you simply need to tune into the lunar cycles to become a powerful moon manifestor! You will be amazed at how much more fluid your life will become in working with the energy of the moon. The moons energy supercharges our goals, wishes, and dreams and can help you live the life you deserve! There are a few simple things to know about each phase, as there are right times and wrong times to start projects and reap your harvest each month. 


The first phase of the lunar cycle is the New Moon, this is the perfect time for new beginnings, new intentions, and new ideas to enter your life. It's time to write your plan and your todo list, clarify your intentions, and start anything new. The key words here are a clean slate, potential, and dreams! This is the best time for new moon rituals, (which I will share in a post soon), and time to write down your clear intentions for the cycle or the future.


The next phase is the waxing moon, when the moon is growing from new to full. Just as the moons energy is increasing, so is yours. It' time to get out and make things happen here! This phase is all about networking, implimentation of the plan, and moving forward! Your dreams and wishes are opening up like a flower here and the energy is pushing you along to succeed. Remember here, that if you want something, you have to have the courage and guts to go after it! Chase those dreams, now is the time! The key words here are courage, moving forward, and faith.


The next phase is the full moon. The full moon is a time of reflection, gratitude, celebration and release. The moon is at its highest energy here. Its time for social gatherings and time with friends. Its the perfect time of the cycle to express gratitude for all the hard work you put in and to reflect and let go of what is no longer working in your life. Bless whatever it is that didn't work, know it was a lesson, and let it go! Forgive anyone who has hurt you during this phase, and forgive yourself if things didn’t work out how you planned. Always remember to stay grateful and be easy on your self during this time, as emotions are at at a high. The keywords here are results, forgiveness, and gratitude. This is the perfect time for a gratitude or release ritual! 


The next phase of the moon is the waning moon, when it is shrinking from full back to new. Just as the energy of the moon is decreasing, so is yours. This is not the time to start anything new as all growing energy is paused. Don’t plant new seeds here, in fact, they say any new projects started during this phase will see no result. This is time to breath, accept, and regroup! After all the intensity of the full moon we must look back and see where we can make adjustments to our plan. This is the reevaluation phase. Reevaluate the original plan so that it feels better and you can achieve in the next cycle. The key words are breath, regroup, and balance.


The last phase of the cycle is the balsamic moon. During this phase, the moon is not visible in the sky at all. Balsamic comes from the word balsam which means anything healing or soothing, and that is exactly what these 3 days are about! Take a bath, meditate deeply, go to the hot springs and be alone during this time. Treat yourself here, love yourself here, and relax. It's necessary to slow down before the start of the next cycle.


So, you now have a new manifesting tool and cosmic timer to help you manifest all your dreams in 2018! The moon has helped me bring so many beautiful things into my life, as well as help me release the toxic things that needed to go. I hope you all "tune in" and seize the great cosmic energy that is pushing you along to succeed!! 


Do you already use the moons energy in your life? Have a favorite moon mantra? Do you have a moon manifestation success story? I'd love to hear your stories , please share below!


Sending you all love, light, peace, and joy!


Namaste <3 Nicola Luna

























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