Aura Juice - Smudge Spray - Energy Cleansing Spray

Aura Juice - Smudge Spray - Energy Cleansing Spray

  • CLEAR BAD VIBES AND WELCOME POSITIVE ENERGY! Aura Juice Smudge Spray will clear away bad vibes and negative energy from you, your home, office or sacred space! Aura Juice will cleanse the energy and raise the vibration wherever you spray it! This smokeless smudge spray is the perfect alternative to burning real sage. Aura Juice will protect your energy field and welcome positive energy into your life! Great for meditation, energy protection, yoga, ceremony, rituals, or just to clear the vibes!!
  • REAL CRYSTALS INSIDE & REIKI INFUSED! Aura Juice is infused with Reiki Energy and REAL CRYSTALS! You will find several quartz and amethyst crystals inside the bottle! Quartz is a powerful stone that protects the aura, promotes calmness and soothes anxiety. Amethyst is a gorgeous crystal that connects you to your intuition, enhances clarity, and improves sleep! You can keep these crystals and use their healing benefits for person use when the bottle is finished!
  • 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS! Aura Juice is made from 100% organic, and natural ingredients so you can feel safe and confident using it on your body. Aura Juice is made of Organic Sage Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, reiki charged rocky mountain spring water, real quartz and amethyst crystals. This truly is the best organic smudge spray out there.
  • SMOKELESS AND CONVENIENT! Aura Juice is easy to bring with you anywhere! This smudge spray is perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Aura Juice fits great on your desk, nightstand or alter, and Our 4 ounce bottle fits perfectly in your purse or bag, so you can always be prepared to clear and protect your energy. No lighters, ash tray, or sage bundle is needed. Clear the energy from any room, vacation, or situation!
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